How to work with me

  • Mind: 51% introverted, I recharge in solitude, and social interactions exhausts me. I’m also 49% extroverted, which means I need to socialize once in a while to keep my spirit high. The difference is small, so it may mean little to you.
  • Energy: I’m 56% intuitive and 44% observant. This generally means I prefer clean & short code to complex, “smart” ones. For example, I advocate the early return pattern. By the way, I prefer Python to Java.
  • Nature: I’m 68% feeling while only 32% thinking. Do keep in mind that I try hard to be professional at work, so all my thinking energy is almost totally devoted to my workplace. That being said, being nice to me will almost surely carry better consequences than being nice to an average person.
  • Tactics: I’m 76% judging, which means I’m highly organized: I write explainable code and document nearly everything. If you need some help from me and I happen to have worked on it, I will almost surely drop you a link to some Wiki or Google doc. Don’t be offended if I decline to talk over phone.
  • Identity: with 63% assertiveness, I sometimes can come across as conceited. I reason the cause of my trust in myself to my rigorous practice of formal execution and documentation. You are always welcome to challenge my opinions, though. I believe that adequate challenges make us grow.



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